Contract Administration


Wayne Black ARCHITECTS - Architecture Contract Administration

  • Preparation of General Information Tender Sheet. This calls for all information required to be provided to the Architect
  • Preparation of Tender List
  • Calling of tenders in conjunction with or on behalf of the proprietors/clients
  • Fielding and answering any questions or inquiries by tenderers
  • Provide independent analysis and as such will offer advice as to the best suited tenderers
  • Conduct an open face to face Interview.
  • Negotiate as required
  • Arrange for the signing of an appropriate building contract between the clients and the successful builder.
  • When duly executed, handing over and exchange of relevant documentation
  • Administration of the contract including inspection and notifications to both parties from an impartial position
  • General inspection of the works is provided with site guidance or conferencing entailing site visits by set period or if expressly required by appointment.
  • Certification of progress claims
  • Calculation of retention monies
  • Interpretation of contract
  • Cost adjustments by variations
  • Time extensions, interpretation of contract responsibilities and various
  • Issue necessary correspondences required to administer the progress of the works in an orderly manner as the proprietor’s agent.
  • The Architect to advise when in its opinion, the Works have reached Practical Completion.
  • Defects Liability Period
  • Liquidated Damages due to unreasonable delays



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