Architecture Documentation. Contruction engineer desktop with work tools, tablet and laptop

  • Preparation of building plans and accompanying documents as required, at a sufficient standard for lodgement of a Development Application to the appropriate Council
  • A4 Reduction diagrams
  • Site analysis drawings
  • Land management plans
  • Detailed shadow diagrams
  • Statement of Environmental Effects
  • Isometric computer generations
  • schedule of finishes
  • PC schedules
  • Other such as Contaminated Soils Report, Heritage Reports, QS reports, Scale Models, 3D photographic montage, Hydraulics Designs, Landscaping Plans, Preliminary/Final  Specification. Or any additional required documents from Third parties or consultants.
  • Preparation of detailed drawings such as Electrical Layout, Kitchen, Bathrooms and Laundry Layouts, Joinery Details and appropriate construction details if and as required.
  • Preparation of a detailed specification document describing the project in detail. The Specification is mostly a performance based Specification with direct reference to the relevant Australian Standards and Performance requirements.
  • Schedule of Finishes
  • Special Requirements
  • Specialist Trades
  • Nominated suppliers and trades
  • Shop Drawings for Doors, Windows,
  • Locking schedules and
  • Painting Colour Schedules,
  • Prime Cost (PC) Schedules (including costs and fixing rates, Supply Only, Supply and Fix.

The clients will advise their choice of Prescribed Certifying Authority PCA to the Architect.

This to be done with ample notice so that any amendments, notes, changes or information required from other parties to reach COMPLIANCE can be done with the utmost efficiency.

The PCA will be responsible for advising compliance issues, advising council of notice of commencement, general site inspection as notified, signing off at critical stages of construction and on completion, issuing final occupation certificate.

Any inspection, notification and certification carried out by the nominated PCA has no bearing on any inspection, notification, or certification that the Architect will provide to the client or selected Contractor.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for OBTAINING a CONSTRUCTION CERTIFICATE. We assist, wherever possible, in the provision of any outstanding or further required information or documentation that may be in our possession and required by the selected PCA in reaching compliance. It is the selected contractor’s direct responsibility to pay all necessary fees, obtain all required authorisations, pay all required construction and workers compensation, pay all required risk insurance premiums, provide appropriate value or works cover by Home Owners Warranty Insurance (HOW) insurance, engage other necessary sub-contractors, provide notification, signage and traffic control and ANY other necessity, while the builder is in possession of the site, and for the entire duration of the works.


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